Customer Testimonials



“The MOS process conducted by Tony and George allowed us to efficiently resolve several strategic issues and to put in place a succinct, workable strategic plan for the next 12 to 18 months.”

Larry Boucher


“The Acuitize team helped us optimize our strategy to develop and deploy intellectual property. They combined their strong backgroung in intellectual property with an excellent process to sort through complex issues, identify hot buttons and synthesize an actionable plan. We are implementing this strategy now.”

Phil Ritti
VP and General Manager


“I fondly recall Iomega’s remarkable 12 month transition from a $141 million company to a $1.2 billion dollar world-wide leader during my tenure as CEO of Iomega. Tony, George, Mike, and Jim's contributions were invaluable to both the development and execution of the strategy that made this remarkable growth possible.”

“Their areas of expertise are complimentary and extensive, spanning a number of areas including strategy development, product and channel marketing, operations, development, IP licensing, and strategic partnerships.”

Kim Edwards
Former CEO


“We wished we would have used the money we spent on other consultants with Tony & George at Acuitize. Their MOS process and insights were well worth the investment.”

Phil Grasso
Vice-President Marketing

“We were very impressed at how quickly the Acuitize team was able to come up to speed on very high-end, technical products. The process they used allowed us develop a much stronger overall strategy.”

Duc Pham

Quantum Technology Ventures

“In a short period of time, Acuitize has helped a number of our portfolio companies dramatically improve their odds of long-term success”

Quantum Technology Ventures

“At Quantum Technology Ventures, a leading silicon valley venture captial firm, we are looking for any advantage we can find to help our portfolio companies succeed. Using a logical and powerful process they developed, we are convinced that Tony & George at Acuitize have helped a number of our companies dramatically improve their odds of long-term success.”

“We are so convinced of the value of Acuitize we introduce many of our new portfolio companies to them.”

Maury Domengeaux
Vice President and General Partner

“Tony and George at Aquitize have provided critical assistance to a wide variety of our high-technology companies. They have added true value to these companies, regardless of the associated technology or product complexity”

“The high quality and methodical processes Acuitize uses are critical to ensuring that early stage companies are on the right trajectory ... at a time when being off by small amounts can greatly affect the probability of success.”

Steve Schlossareck
Vice President and General Partner